Unit Standards Covered
Number Title NQF Level Credits
117865 Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences 4 5
117874 Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities 5 6
Unit Standards Covered

Practitioners who have achieved this unit standard will be able to give guidance and support regarding learning needs, opportunities and career pathways to learners. They will also be able to refer learners to appropriate counselling or career information agencies

Entry Requirements: 

Practitioners applying to enter a learning programme for this ETD standard -or applying to be assessed against this ETD standard are assumed to have a qualification or equivalent competence in an occupation in which they will practice this ETD competence.

An NQF Level 4 education level with proficiency in reading and writing English.Proficiency in general administration skills, computer literacy and communication at NQF level 3.


Two days plus one support day a month later.

Who should attend?: 

The training is for supervisors, team leaders and front line / middle managers involved in the management of employees engaged in learning programmes, as well as learning and career development and career mapping. The focus is on mentorship with the support of counseling where required. Career development and networking are included to ensure goal oriented and effective transfer of learning

What’s in it for the learner?: 

The learner will know:

  • How to identify learner needs and principles involved
  • What kinds of learning support learners are likely to need and where to find it
  • Strategies, techniques and activities for providing guidance and support regarding learning needs, learning and career pathways to individual learners
  • To whom, when and why to refer learners, outside of the immediate learning context
  • The required record keeping for guidance and support given to learners
  • Techniques for reflecting on own performance and integrating lessons learned into future practice
  • Forms of practice, which promotes the values described in the Bill of Rights and the principles underpinning the – Employment Equity Act

Formal assessment is conducted. Diagnostic and formative assessments take place during and after learning and can be used in the summative assessment, which is via a portfolio of evidence four weeks after completion of the training.


Once a learner has been declared competent, his/her results are forwarded to the ETDP SETA for endorsement. A nationally recognised certificate is issued which give learner automatic entry into the Certificate program.

On completion of the workshop: 

Learners will be able to:

  • Identify learner's needs
  • Analyse problem/need and decide on appropriate action.
  • Provide advice to learners
  • Provide support to learners
  • Refer learners to specialist guidance and counselling services
  • Keep records of interactions with the learner
  • Evaluate own performance